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SBS cantonese radio 21/1/2021 Coronary artery disease – No 1 killer in Australia 澳洲第一大殺手 – 心臟病的成因 4/2/2021 Treatment for coronary disease -medical treatment and stenting 心臟病之病徵, 會診及通波仔 11/2/2021 Coronary artery bypass graft surgery – what is it? When … Read More


What to bring for your cardiac Consultation On initial visit, ensure you have a referral from GP or specialist for medicare claim purpose This referral will cover all future visit for 3 months if you have been referred by a … Read More

Cardiac Testing

Stress Echocardiography Indication: Stress echocardiogram is typically ordered to exclude ischemia, a condition defined by the lack of blood flow to the heart muscle, usually as a result of narrowed or blocked coronary arteries. It can also assess your exercise … Read More

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